Adjunct Associate Professor Richard Rose

Adjunct Associate Professor Richard Rose

Director Child Trauma Intervention Services Ltd &
Fellow Berry Street Childhood Institute


Richard Rose (MBA, BPhil, PQCCA, PGSWE, CQSW) is the Director of Child Trauma Intervention Services Ltd and is UK based. Richard undertakes consultancy and training on Life Story Therapy and working with ‘hard to reach’ children and adolescents, and develops academic training programmes in the UK and internationally.

He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and is also a Fellow of the Berry Street Childhood Institute.

Richard works with children and their carers in out of home care, home based care and family placements to assist understanding and attachment with the aim of enabling placements to become healthy and nurturing for all involved.


Communicating with Children & Young People

We are born to relate and create relationships which will aid our existence, providing us with warmth, love, and protection. This communication helps us understand whether we are worthwhile and about the place we occupy
in the world. Children who have not had the opportunity to be heard, valued or loved may feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness and vulnerability.

Communicating with children demands we do more than just listen and respond; we need to contribute to the development of the child’s internal and external self. All behaviours are acts of communication. We can empower children to refine and reframe their communication processes so as to be more effective by understanding the roots of presented behaviour and reflecting what is being communicated verbally and non - verbally. By helping children make sense of their world, we can explore their
thinking, their emotional self and their internal view.

Promoting opportunities for children to be heard, to be valued, is the central theme of this presentation. It will focus on using strengths based and positive relationships to support parents and carers to reconnect with children, and
for children to reconnect with those around them. Richard will present techniques and current intervention pathways to aid communication with children.


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