PARITY Newsletter: Responding to the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against
Women and their Children

Council to Homeless Persons

This issue of PARITY features an article highlighting the work of Berry Street’s Turtle Program within the Northern Domestic and Family Violence Service (pg 37 -38) titled Extending the Reach: A Timely and Tailored Response to Children who Experience Family Violence.
PARITY – Responding to the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children article

Ethical and Safe: Research with children about domestic violence

Anita Morris, Kelsey Hegarty and Cathy Humphreys, University of Melbourne

The authors highlight ethical concerns and practical solutions to this challenging area of research using examples from domestic violence, family law and child abuse research with children. Ethical planning is explored according to methodologies, context and whether the violence has been named. Also discussed are consent procedures, confidentiality and the development of protocols for disclosure, distress, safety and risk assessment, which support ethical and safe research with children.
Ethical and Safe article

Early identification of mental health needs for children in care: A therapeutic assessment programme for statutory clients of child protection

Dr Nicole Milburn, Marell Lynch, Jennifer Jackson, Berry Street Take Two Program

Infants, children and young people enter out of home care in distressing circumstances. They and their families and carers have specific mental health needs at this time but few have attended a mental health service. A systematic comprehensive therapeutic assessment approach is described for all child protection clients who entered out-of-home care for the first time in one calendar year.
Early identification of mental health paper

The impact of trauma on children in protection and care

Carly Black, Take Two , Margarita Federico, La Trobe University, Annette Jackson and Trish McCluskey, Take Two Berry Street.

This poster details an approach to understanding the impact of trauma on children in protection and care through the use of assessment and outcome measures.
The impact of trauma on children in care poster

Leaving Care

Trish McCluskey, Berry Street

The number of children and young people coming into care in Australia continues to grow (AIHW 2010) with no sign that this is likely to decrease in the next decade. How will these young people fare? What are the answers?
Leaving Care article

Horizons Newsletter focusing on Cumulative Harm – featuring article on Annette Jackson pg 11-13

Annette Jackson, Berry Street Take Two

This article highlights Annette’s work with Take Two particularly focusing on their involvement with the Child Death Report and the impact of cumulative harm on Take Two clients.
Horizons – Cumulative Harm

Berry Street was first established on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respect to their Elders, past and present, and to all the traditional custodians of land throughout Australia.